Butterfly Kitchen


Whether mother swings the pan or father puts on his apron. Whether grandma takes a fragrant work of art out of the oven or grandpa complains that he's hungry. Everyone associates their own memories of the common meal with their childhood and what could be nicer to re-enact than that when one sighs and sinks happily in a chair. Unfortunately, the children are usually not able to help much in the kitchen. Set the table, wash the vegetables or maybe peel the potatoes. But the exciting things like stove and oven are still taboo for the delicate fingers. Our butterfly kitchen is there for this tolerable problem. Playable from two sides, it has an oven, two hotplates, a stainless steel bowl as a sink, a washing machine, a compartment closed with a flap, a cabinet with two doors and four drawers. All handles are made of metal and screwed from behind.

In addition, this kitchen can grow with you. The additionally available substructure increases the kitchen by 8 cm. Up to two substructure kits can be attached, making this kitchen a joy for a whole childhood.

The worktop height without a substructure is 17.7 inches / 45 cm

The total height of the kitchen with the butterfly attachment is: 31.1 inches / 79 cm

The size of the worktop is: 28.7 x 20.8 inches / 73 x 53 cm

Material: beech and linden wood

Weight approx. 75 lbs / 34.5 kg