For over 25 years
with attention to detail
With passion
Because childhood is too short for bad toys.


The name ESTIA has stood for high quality children's toys for over 25 years. As a responsible family company, we share a common passion with our customers; for the most important thing in the world to offer the best. Our motto stands for an insight that we have all always gained too late and that every generation will gain too late anew. Childhood is too short, especially for bad toys
Farben und Funktionen - weniger ist mehr

Colors and Functions - less is more

A car that is a two-legged robot at the same time and shines in all the colors of the rainbow. Even if the many technical refinements in toys are particularly great, we take away a lot of fun from our children in the long term.

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Holz im Sandkasten

Wood in the Sandpit

Wood is simply the most beautiful to play with. Whether at home or on the go, whether inside or outside. Especially on the beautiful sunny days you would of course like to transport the real sand out of the play box with the wooden dump truck. Read here if you are doing the wood a favor and which tips you should consider.

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Wieviel Spielzeug ist genug?

How many toys are enough?

Because you naturally want to offer your child the best, toys are eagerly bought and given away by friends and relatives. After a short time, children are sitting in front of a mountain of things, most of which they only had in their hands once.

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