About us

Captain and Banking Economist

As working young parents, we were supported by an au pair from Estonia. A young student who brought a beautifully crafted wooden truck from her home country. Not only did our children fall in love with the beautiful toy, we were also enchanted. The spark for our own enterprise was created. We visited the northernmost country in the Baltic States, which only fought for independence a few years ago. We met energetic, friendly people and a prosperous economy. Not long after our first visit, the first batch of our own wooden trucks left a shouter's workshop. Our name Estia still reminds us of those first days.

From New York to Singapore

After almost every room in our house was bursting at the seams with stock items and the living room was no longer sufficient as a workshop, we moved into our first warehouse. After the first toy fair in Nuremberg, the order volume grew steadily. Our first customers were exclusively kindergarten suppliers and toy dealers. We developed new products and designs, opened up new production facilities and also visited international trade fairs. Including the toy fairs in Toronto, New York, Copenhagen, Shanghai and Hong Kong, as well as countless fairs in Germany. We won well-known customers, including F.A.O. Schwarz, the world-famous toy store on Manhattens fifth avenue, known from the films "Big" and "Kevin alone in New York".

ESTIA goes Hollywood

Without a doubt, we can book 2006 as a major milestone. When a whispering group of ladies and gentlemen visited our stand in New York and talked about filming and props, we just gave them a tired smile. We were all the more astonished when the phone rang a few weeks later and Hollywood was on the other end of the line. We have never loaded a container so quickly and the day after that our darlings rolled from the yard. We held out for a whole year before we saw our toys on the screen in Mr. Magorium's wonder shop. A family film with a star cast including Dustin Hofmann and Nathalie Portman.

Digital World

Digitization is advancing and overtaking some. If we still received the handwritten orders by fax one day, we will be asked to log in to the dealer portal the next. The market is changing, competition from the Far East is entering the market and many of the traditional toy shops have to close. We too have finally adapted to the circumstances and are now also selling our things directly to you. We got off to a successful start on the formerly large platform DaWanda and went to our own online shop via Etsy and Amazon, where we can always offer you our latest creations.