Our products


Wood is the oldest material in human history and not without reason. It grows back, is durable, robust and versatile. Values ​​that are being valued again these days. Broken wood can be repaired and well-cared for wood can be inherited. Usually not just one generation finds joy in wooden toys, but many others. Based on these thoughts, when selecting our materials, we always make sure that they last. We also ensure that both ourselves and our producers obtain wood from proper forestry.


One might think that it goes without saying that children's toys are free from toxins. Unfortunately, scandals in the past have shaken confidence in companies and testing institutes. We cannot speak for our competitors, but we can break a lance with words and deeds as well as our name for our toys. The oil for our products is unfiltered linseed oil, also ideal for cooking. Our wax is natural beeswax, our stains and varnishes are water-based and food-safe. At any point in time during our venture, we were able to let our own children play with our toys with a clear conscience and also delight our friends' offspring with a knight's castle, dollhouse and co.


As unusual as the product design and as complex and ingenious as the manufacturing process, it is impossible to give a lifeless material like plastic the same warmth that wood emits. Whether you enter a forest or a furniture store, a carpenter's shop or a sawmill - you will encounter a familiar smell everywhere that conveys comfort and security. When these feelings arise even in an adult, consider what it means for a child that the world is still felt and explored with all the senses. There are numerous studies on the subject of wood and people, but we believe that any number or enthusiasm is superfluous if you hold a wooden car and a plastic car in your hands in direct comparison.


In the frenzied world of the 21st century, trends are fading faster than some can still grasp. Year after year, new blockbusters appear, for which new, suitable toys are created and no sooner has one character been used than a new one has to be produced. That's the way things are and we don't want to stop the wheel of time. What we want is to offer something constant in all that is new. Even if the mom and pop shops have disappeared from the cityscape, the children's shop continues to have a permanent place in the toy world. The fascination for castles and dollhouses is a recurring element and the classics of pushing, grasping and pulling toys never seem to go out of style. The colorful plastic figure with numerous functions, which seems to be in no way inferior to its counterpart from the Hollywood film, may inspire for a short time, but the grandchildren will hardly know what to do with it.