Lost in the glue

Attention: The following information provides well-intentioned tips for self-help and does not constitute binding instructions. If you are unsure, consult a specialist. We accept no liability for any damage to people or material. In the exciting everyday gaming life, something can also break. Fortunately, this is not a big problem with wooden toys, because damage can be professionally repaired in a few simple steps. This requires: - Wood glue Make sure that it is a quality product. In the case of cheap products, the supply chain often originates in the Far East and the quality of the ingredients cannot always be guaranteed here. We use CLOU® brand wood glue, whose production locations are very familiar to us. Of course, other brand manufacturers are also suitable here. Use the classic white glue here, as this is non-toxic when cured. - Pressure connectors If a well-stocked DIY range is available, it is of course recommended to use classic screw clamps or clamps. But just as good results can be achieved with household items. For example, a stack of books is suitable to build up pressure if the situation allows. An elastic belt or a luggage and trunk tension belt is also suitable. The only important thing is that it is pressed properly. - A damp cloth or kitchen towel

Step 1:

Clean the cracks of the wood from coarse impurities. If the wood has come into contact with moisture here, let it dry at room temperature. If the toy is broken in a place that has already been glued, remove old glue residue.

Step 2:

Before gluing, check whether your selected pressure connection works as you imagine it.

Step 3:

Apply the glue to one of the two break points. Spread the glue roughly over the surface.

Step 4:

Build up pressure and compress the toy. If you use tensioning belts or screw clamps, we recommend placing something between the tensioning tool and the toy so that there are no pressure points afterwards.

Step 5:

Wipe them carefully with a damp cloth, not with a wet, oozing residue of the wood glue. After half an hour you can usually remove the pressure connector. After that, the toy should be allowed to rest for at least a day before it can bring joy again.