"Palace Birstein" - Knights Castle

Knights and castles, a phenomenon that unites and inspires young and old alike. Whether it's a ruin or a majestic building, no trip through europe goes by without one of these lofty buildings on the mountainside not being discovered through the car window. With our Birstein Castle, medieval romance returns to the home playroom. The defense of the festivals against invading dragons or the reenactment of life at court - only the imagination limits the possibilities our knight's castle offers a child. The modular castle can be placed as you wish and adapted to the conditions of the children's room. Creative builders can use the environment to create very unique castles and design the playing field according to their ideas. High-quality European beech and alder wood and the resulting total weight of around 20 kg make this toy a solid and durable product that will delight children's hearts for many generations. The gifted child can still be told to his own great-grandchildren that he himself played with this castle once. Castle circumference: Four large towers with removable tower roofs Palace building with freely placeable stairs Eight pieces of wall with battlements Gatehouse with drawbridge sizes: Burg: (established) 39 x 30 x 18.1 inch / 99 x 75 x 46 cm Weight: (appx.) 44 lbs / 20 kg The colors and materials used naturally comply with the binding European standard EN71 and are absolutely harmless to children! Please note that the color and texture of a natural product can differ slightly from one another, as no two pieces of wood are the same; that makes our products unique. According to EU Regulations this is not suitable for children under 3 years due to suffocation harzards of small parts.