"Thumbelina" Wooden Kitchen


Whether mother swings the pan or father puts on his kitchen apron. Whether grandma takes a fragrant work of art out of the oven or grandpa complains that he's hungry. Everyone associates their own memories of the common meal with their childhood. Unfortunately, the children are usually not able to help much in the kitchen. Set the table, wash the vegetables or maybe peel the potatoes. But the exciting things like stove and oven are still taboo for the delicate fingers. Our “Thumbelina” wooden kitchen is available for this tolerable problem. An oven, a four-ring hob, a sink with a removable stainless steel bowl and even a washing machine. There is a cupboard for storage and two compartments closed with flaps.

Size: 30 x 13.4 x 39 inches / 75 x 34 x 98 cm

Weight approx. 58.4 lbs / 26.5 kg

Worktop height: 22.8 inches / 58 cm

The colors and materials used naturally comply with the binding European standard EN71 and are absolutely harmless to children!

Please note that the color and texture of a natural product can differ slightly from one another, as no two pieces of wood are the same; that makes our products unique.

A note in accordance with EU regulation: Due to small parts, not suitable for children under 3 years of age.