Carved Assortment, 35 pieces


To complement your shop, we offer 35 hand-carved pieces. All parts shown in the picture are included in this set.

The set includes: two fish, a pineapple, four peppers, a corn cob, 3 pumpkins, a carrot, an onion, a garlic, an orange, a radish, three apples, a star fruit, an aubergine, a banana, a mushroom, one Strawberry, a cucumber, two pears, a tomato, a potato, a walnut, a radish, a pepperoni, a tangerine, yellow plum and a blue plum.

The colors and materials used naturally comply with the binding European standard EN71 and are absolutely harmless to children!

Please note that the color and texture of a natural product can differ slightly from one another, as no two pieces of wood are the same; that makes our products unique.

Take notice: According to EU Regulations this is not suitable for children under 3 years due to suffocation harzards of small parts.